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Service routers are one of the most technically complex and important elements of modern network architecture, combining the analysis of IP packets content at the full speed of physical channels with the task of performing high-speed IP routing, which is necessary to ensure quality of service (QoS, Quality of Service), security, etc. The Eltex ESR family of routers provides integrated circuits specially developed by the company's engineers that support high and stable data transfer and processing speeds, as well as a modern system architecture to quickly meet the communication needs of large telecommunication companies, Internet providers (ESR-1700, ESR- 1500, ESR-1200, ESR-1000), as well as small business models (ESR-10, ESR-12V/F, ESR-14VF, ESR-20, ESR-21, ESR-100, ESR-200):




The high performance of ESR routers is based on the principle of distributing hardware and software processing of network data between equipment nodes, which allows to achieve the highest efficiency. With Eltex routers, you will get security, speed and reliability, but above all, an energy-efficient, scalable and promising network infrastructure.

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