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GPON optical network terminals 
NTU-RG-5402G-W, NTU-RG-5421G-Wac, NTU-RG-5421GC-Wac, NTU-RG-5421G-WZ, NTU-RG-5440G-Wac, NTU-RG-5440G-WZ.

NTU series ONT are high performance multifunctional subscriber terminals that are designed to access modern telephony, IPTV, OTT services as well as high-speed Internet. Furthermore, NTU terminals allow carriers to offer their clients a wide range of services and opportunities to work in a local network


  • Providing broadband access services to subscribers in apartment houses, residential areas, campuses or suburban settlements;
  • Corporate network construction at large strategic enterprises or in office buildings with high requirement in terms of security and data transfer rates.

Provided services

  • High-speed access to the Internet;
  • Stream video/High Definition TV/IP TV, Video on Demand (VoD), video conference;
  • VoIP;
  • Online educational and entertainment programs.


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