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Base station

WОP-2ac-LR2 is designed to organize Broadband wireless networks in private housing, that provide broadband access to the Internet in the range of 3 km. The device is a good choice for wireless network construction in a difficult climatic conditions. WOP-2ac-LR2 operates well in a wide operating temperature range and in high humidity (different climatic zones). The device allows connecting different sector antennas.


The base station WОP-2ac-LR2 – an up-to-date flexible solution that provides extending coverage zone due to its power of the transmitter (up to 26 dBm) and sectoral antennas. It is possible to deploy wireless IT infrastructure fast and easily by virtue of high-performance hardware, scalability and intuitive interface.

Wireless connection

The base station WОP-2ac-LR2 provides data rate of up to 300 Mbps on due to the support for IEEE 802.11n standard.


To ensure stable and uninterrupted operation, the device is equipped with high-performance Realtek chipsets providing high data processing rates and effective operating via FBWA technology (Fixed Bandwidth Wireless Access).

Power supply

The PoE+ technology makes it possible to install the equipment virtually anywhere, regardless of the power supply location, reduces total cost by discarding power cables and performs the installation easier and faster.


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