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GPON OLT MA4000-PX (access and aggregation mode)

OLT MA4000-PX — multi-service access and aggregation node allows operators to construct access networks based on GPON technology.

The system allows to construct scalable, fault tolerant «last mile» networks, ensuring high safety requirements in either urban and suburban areas. Access node controls customer stations, traffic switching and transport network access.

A core element of the MA4000-PX is a scalable Ethernet L2+ switch (PP4X) that interacts with optical interface access modules PLC8 to connect customer devices via GPON technology.

The modules are installed in a standard 19" 9U Eurocase. The 9U case has two slots for PP4X switch circuit control modules and 16 slots for linear PCL8 modules (GPON). A single system can have one or two PP4X central switch control modules. Installation of two modules improves fault tolerance on account of switch redundancy and widens bandwidth of the system due to the distribution of data streams among stacked modules. The modules interact via 10 Gbps interfaces.

Types of modules

  • PP4X: switching and control module
  • PLC8: 8 × GPON 2.5 Gbps interface module
  • The quantity of interface modules: up to 16
  • Bus type and performance: 34 × 10GBASE-KX (XAUI), 680 Gbps

Management and monitoring

  • Single management interface via CLI (Telnet, SSH, serial), SNMP
  • Processing of configuration data of all modules
  • Support for RADIUS, TACACS+


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